SUP Board Bags….. GET ONE!

Insights on Why You Should Purchase a Board Bag

You’ve bought your new board. Oh, it’s beautiful! Those shiny rails. The perfect deck. You just can’t wait to take that puppy home and ride it. Then the salesman pops the question, “You want a bag for your board?” It’s (only) another $200! Should you do it?

Fortunately, the answer is simple. Get the board bag. I know you just bought a board, PFD, paddle, and a leash, already some serious clams, but a bag is the best protection for your board. Here’s a little secret: paddleboards are fragile, but a lot of the damage happens out of the water. You’ll ding it shlepping, lugging, hauling, jostling, shoving, ferrying, and lugging your ride to and fro. You’ll bang it against a pole while schlepping it from your car to the water’s edge. You’ll scrape the rails when you stow it in your garage. You’ll roughen up the bottom in the sand. All these are preventable with a board bag.


Your board isn’t even safe on your car. We’ve all noticed how cars on the highway launch little pieces of gravel and whatnot. There’s no avoiding these. We’ve all heard the crack when one of those things hits your windshield. Now imagine a pebble hitting your board. One of these tiny rocks can easily crack the skin, which is a required repair. (Any damage that allows water to enter your board is a required repair.) A bag also protects you from those clumsy moments putting the board on the car, which happen a lot more often than we’d like.

board bagYour board can also be damaged by the sun. The deck can cook under intense light and form blisters. I didn’t believe this until it happened to my very tough-skinned NSP board. After a day the smooth skin looked like the surface of the moon. It’s cool when you get to the beach to lay your board out like some sort of totem, proclaiming your allegiance to the wave-riding tribe. However, what you’re actually doing is offering your board as a ritualistic sacrifice to the sun god, who will, slowly but surely, turn your board into mush. Make sure you cover it up.

racer board-bag-06

Yet protecting your board is only one reason to bag your board. You’ll notice that board bags tend to have handles and shoulder straps. These make board shlepping so much easier. A good shoulder strap means you can even carry your board without using your hands, leaving them free for your paddle or any other goodies. Handles make it easier to lift your board off the floor or a rack. Some bags even have a pocket for extra fins.

You can get an adjustable bag which for different sized boards, but the best bag is the one designed specifically for your board. A loose bag is much better than no bag, but the floppy edges can make the board difficult to carry. A snug bag is just easier to manage. It also won’t billow in the wind so much at highway speeds, which can be very noisy and annoying. On the other hand, adjustable bags can be good in case you want one bag for multiple boards. A really big bag can even hold two at once.

You’ll notice that the bag has an opening at the end for a fin. This keeps you from having to take your fin off every time you bag the board. Or not. Often these slots are designed for surf fins or the mediocre flat water fins that come standard with your board. If you’ve purchased a custom fin, make sure it fits through the opening. I ended up tearing the custom board bag for my Amundson 12’6” trying to fit a custom Gladiator fin through the slot. Don’t be stupid, like I was. If the fin doesn’t fit, take off the fin and spare the bag.

Does every board need a bag? Probably not. If it’s going from a protected porch to the water, no need to bother. Some boards are pretty tough — there are some that can take a blow from a hammer — and a bag might be redundant (not counting sun damage, of course). Plastic boards certainly don’t need a bag. Ultimately, it’s your choice, but there’s no question that a bag will lengthen the lifespan of most boards.

So do your board a favor and bag it. It will thank you. The bag might even protect your ride during unexpected events, like if squirrels break into your garage some winter and make themselves a home. Yes, this happened to me. The two unprotected boards had their padded decks chewed up by these trespassing rodents, but the one in the bag was fine. You see, damage can happen when you least expect it. While most boards aren’t going to be mauled by predatory rodents, a bag is still your best bet.

So bag it, bud, and breathe a little easier!!

Ian Berger – SUP Examiner

SUP Warehouse Australia sells SUP Gear Online & Deliver’s Nationwide for around $15 Bucks! They have sole distribution of SUNNY KINGF Stand Up Paddleboards and their associated range of SUP Accessories. They have Heavy Duty Board Bags for many different boards.

Sizes SUP Warehouse have available –  9’6″x29″, 10’x30″, 10’6″x30″, 11’6″x30″, 12’6″x 26,27.5 & 29″ and 14’x26,28,29 & 31″ Width’s.

Shop Online here –


SUNNY KING 2016 Inflatable Range


SUNNY KING 17′ JUMBO Inflatable Series
List price: $4,950.00 (SUP Warehouse Price $3,150.00)  SAVING 36%!!

The SUP Warehouse Australia have exclusive rights to SUNNY KING PADDLEBOARDS who have a few NEW RELEASE’s for our 2016 Summer which may interest you. Our Sunny King Inflatable Series- Inflatable Jumbo, Inflatable Island & Inflatable Yoga Pontoon’s for SUP Yoga!!
The SUNNY KING JUMBO 17’ Inflatable Paddleboard can hold 6-8 Adults or around 10-12x Kids all at once! This board is obviously extremely stable due to it’s size, it’s durability is unquestionably tough & ALOT of fun in Flatwater or in the Surf for groups to enjoy together!!
We find the SUNNY KING 17′ JUMBO a perfect ‘platform’ for kids to practice their stroke technique whilst in the safety of an Instructor and other kids too. Being inflatable they roll up within minutes for minimal storage as well. Hours & Hours of Total Fun at the Beach!!

DIMENSIONS: 17′ x 77″ x 8″

More Details Click Here –

SK 2016 Inflatable Series


Leashes are for your safety. I know many people hate wearing a leash and some SUP Business’s astonishingly promote not wearing leashes.

Don’t worry as there’s a leash to best suit every occasion!

Long straight leash’s for surf, coiled leash for racing and quick release waist leash for rivers which could have submerged objects.

With the wind, the flow on the river and the current your board can be a distance away from you in a matter of seconds.

Sadly an advanced level paddler was lost at the weekend in America not wearing a Leash or PFD, please help share this information with all your fellow Paddlers & don’t let this happen again.

We STRONGLY suggest buying a few Leg Ropes TODAY and always have a spare one in your Car! Check your Local Laws also as many area’s in Australia now require a PFD (Floatation Device) to be worn if paddling over 400 meters from Land.

BUY PFD’s Here –

BUY Leashes Here –

BUY Coil SUP Leashes Here –

NOTE: The paddler in the video is safe and well and is always wearing a leash now. He wanted this Video shown to make people aware just how easy is it for a Fun Paddleboard Session to instantly become a Life Threatening Situation. We need as many Paddleboarders to see this.

From total Beginners to SUP Experts… this relates to us all.




Leashes Save Lives!

Leashes Save Lives
To Whom it May Concern,In light of the recent tragic event in the Gorge this past weekend (where an experienced paddler is still missing after he fell from his SUP while Downwinding with no leash & no PFD  attached to his person), we are penning this Open Letter to the Stand Up Paddle Industry. We believe that we, as a collective industry, must take a vehement stand in the education and encouragement of the use of leashes on all types of SUP’s, on all types of water, and in all conditions.

With the exponential growth of SUP, there are a great deal of boards being sold with very little safety education accompanying the sale. Like seat belts in cars, leashes save lives on SUP’s.  If it is far enough to paddle – it is far enough to wear a leash.

A few ideas as to how to implement this are:

  • A sticker on the tail of the board near the leash plug that states “Leashes Save Lives”
  • Only showing images (both still and video) of paddlers that are using leashes.  This is especially important in Manufacturers brochures and Industry publications (magazines).
  • A Public Service Announcement video – featuring the top Pro’s in the industry advocating the use of leashes.
  • Instructing Team Riders that they should be setting the example by always wearing a leash.

We need to educate our customers on how to safely use our products.  Unfortunately, as is often the case, it takes a tragedy to create the momentum for positive change.

Thank you,

Warren Currie
Easy Rider

Dave Kalama
Imagine / Quickblade

This is a comp of the sticker that would go on the tail of the board near the leash plug:

Leashes Save Lives


SUNNY KING Inflatable Series Paddleboards

**PRODUCT REVIEW** – Inflatable Paddleboards

The SUNNY KING 10’6″ ISUP Kit is only around 12kgs and Includes our ISUP Board, 3 Piece Paddle, Hand Pump with a Pressure Gauge that measures the PSI and a SUNNY KING Storage Bag which can also be used as a cool Backpack! Our Inflatable Boards are easy to inflate within minutes and are best used around 15PSI but can be pumped to a MAX 19PSI if you like. These boards are nice stable & glides fantastically in Flatwater and Rigid enough in the Surf also. Our SUNNY KING ISUP’s are constructed from Heavy-Duty laminated PVC/Polyester layers that are fused together with Drop-Stitched Panelling. It comes with a Removable Center Fin, Fixed Urethane Side Fins, Soft Carry Handles, Bungee Cord Netting for Storage and of course a SUNNY KING EVA Deck Pad. This really is the ULTIMATE SUP PACKAGE for anyone Travelling or with Limited Storage.

SUNNY KING 10’6″ ISUP… “No Excuses….. just Endless Possibilities!”


SUNNY KING have now added INFLATABLE Paddleboards (ISUP) to their complete range of SUP’s!
Inflatable SUP’s are great for many reasons –

-For Paddlers that have Minimal Room for Storing a conventional Paddleboard at their House.
-For Paddlers who Own Boats, Yachts & Cruisers with Limited Space Onboard.
-For Paddlers Travelling Around The World & want their SUP to come too!
-For Paddlers wanting a Safe, User Friendly Board thats highly Durable for the entire Family!
-For Paddlers wanting something Different & Fun!

DIMENSIONS: 10’6″ x 31″ x 4″
MAX Pressure: 18 PSI
MAX Load: 120 kg’s

Exclusively Available from the SUP Warehouse Australia. Visit


1x SUNNY KING Inflatable Paddleboard
1x SUNNY KING 3 piece Alloy Adjustable Paddle
1x SUNNY KING Heavy Duty Backpack
1x SUNNY KING 12′ Leg Rope
1x FOOTPUMP w/Pressure Gauge & Patch Repair Kit
Stainless Steel D Rings, Carry Handles & Non Slip EVA Deck
Bungee Cord Storage Net – Drypacks, Shoes, Water Bottles


SUP REVIEW – SUNNY KING 12’6″ Elite Flatwater Racer

PADDLE MAGAZINE – BOARD REVIEW – Sunny King 12’6″ Flatwater Racer

SUNNY KING PADDLEBOARDS have release a new 2014/15 Range of ‘Flatwater Paddleboards’.

ELITE Packages are Now Instore and Exclusive to SUP WAREHOUSE AUSTRALIA

1x SUNNY KING 12’6″ ELITE Racer w/ White Deck Pad
1x SUNNY KING 8″ Carbon Paddle (cut to your length)
1x SUNNY KING 12’6″ Heavy Duty Board Bag
1x SUNNY KING 12′ Leg Rope
1x Waterproof Pouch
1x SUPWORLD Magazine
1x SUP WAREHOUSE Trucker Cap
1x SUNNY KING Trucker Cap
SUNNY KING & SUP Warehouse Stickers

DIMENSIONS: 12’6″ x 29″ x 5 1/2″
VOLUME: 259.5 Liters
PRICE:$1,450 All Inclusive!!
RRP: $1,999 (Board Only!)


Dimensions: 8’11” x 29 1/2″ x 4 1/2″
Volume: 130 Liters


  • Thruster FCS Fin Setup
  • Grab Handle
  • 2 Leash Plugs
  • Air Breather
SUNNY KING has designed and individually handcrafted each of their 8’11” SURF SUP’s with enough width and thickness for stability and paddling enjoyment whilst getting to your favourite break. This board is designed soley for Power and Performance whilst in the most critical part of the wave. It has a 7″ Nose Rocker and a 2 11/16″ Tail Rocker as a perfect balance for Speed and Control while dropping into some perfect sets!

The SUNNY KING 8’11” paddleboard is designed for experienced riders, comes witha Tail Kicker for extra traction and is amped and ready to take your riding to the next level. This board is hand crafted. 100% Australian EPS Core and Epoxy resin / fiberglass laminate finish.

The SUNNY KING 8’11” comes in 2 very radical colors-

  • Black with Orange Decal and Camo Orange Deck Grip.

Board Review –



Available NOW – RRP $1,700.00

If your thinking of entering any Paddleboard events then this is the board to get you to the finishline! For Fitness, Sprint Events, Long Distance Racing then this Sunny King Racer is your weapon for winning on any course! The Racer is shaped incorporating a semi-displacement hull, a low and even bottom rocker and curved scoop lines, which enhances the water-flow along the board while offering excellent gliding capabilities and acceleration! It has enough volume through the nose to perform upwind, in side-winds and down-wind. It’s designed with a wide point under the paddlers stance which can give maximum acceleration off the start line in any race!! This Racer board is beautifully hand shaped & crafted from EPS Core and Epoxy resin / fiberglass with a sleek laminate finish. NOTE: An extra added bonus is that these boards come fully installed with the new and innovative “Liftsup” Handles straight out of the USA. This makes them so easy to carry and transport to your favourite beaches while saving your energy for out on the water!!

Dimensions: 12’6″ x 29″

Volume: 255 Liters   Weight Approx 12kgs

Rider Weight: upto 220lbs.

Standard Features- ***PLUS FREE BOARD BAG Valued at $260!!*** Custom Single 10″ Box Fin SUNNY KING Traction Pad 2 Leash Plugs Air Breather



Choosing the right SUP Gear

WHATS SUP?   From generic street term to the fastest growing water sport on the planet the term SUP has taken on a whole new meaning in the past few years. Stand Up Paddleboarding is the next evolution in a wave of sports that are veering off the mainstream and forming their own unique subculture. Essentially a Hawaiian tradition, the modern take on SUP was revolutionised by renowned waterman and big surf charger Laird Hamilton. Hamilton, also credited with being one of the founders of the tow in surf phenomenon, has made the SUP march look both easy and gain popularity. His ride on the famed Tahitian break of Teahupoo has to be seen to be believed. Added to that the raft of Hollywood ‘A listers’ who are now up and about on a SUP, including Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Aniston and Pierce Brosnan and this new sport combines a great workout coupled with some cool looks. Top sportsmen from around the world are all doing it too. 10x surfing world champion Kelly Slater, 7x Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong, along with many top Triathletes like Craig Alexander, Chris Leito, Greg Welch and Belinda Granger are doing it too for recovery & solid cross training results. So how do you get involved and join the crew? We asked Nick King, local SUP guru and owner / operator of the SUP Warehouse and SUNNY KING PADDLEBOARDS for his hot tips on how to get you through the buying process and get you out paddling asap.

Nick’s SUP buying Tips..

  • Buy a board with a carry handle in the middle for easy transporting.
  • Get a board that’s 30″ wide for good stability.
  • Don’t get a board that weighs more than 12kg’s.
  • Probably get a 10’6 or 11’6 Board for your height.
  • If mainly using in the Bay try a longer board (say 11’6″)
  • Paddle Height is really important. Too long and you get injuries in your wrists and shoulders.. Too short and you hurt your lower back. (Best Paddle height is approx 9 inches above your head)
  • If there is more than one paddler using it and varying heights then I’d suggest an adjustable paddle.
  • Buy direct from the manufacturer & not a retail outlet = about 60% Cheaper   (like an Online Store aka )

So there you have it. It’s as simple as that to get yourself up and ‘SUP’ping’. And while you may not have the millions of dollars like the stars you can whiz by them on your own Stand Up Paddleboard!!

COOK ISLANDS – Battle of the Paddle

Women’s Luxury Stand-Up Paddleboard & Yoga Retreat

Featuring Champion Stand-Up Paddleboarder Travis Grant & Charlotte Piho in the Cook Islands, in partnership with Pacific Resort Rarotonga.

AUGUST 16-22, 2011

Only 10 Spots Available!


Escape on a weeklong adventure to the most beautiful place on earth “The Cook Islands”. Meeting like-minded inspiring women on similar journeys you will be treated to a wonderful abundance of experiences including a once in a lifetime opportunity to SUP with Australia’s No#1 Stand-Up Paddleboarder and Winner of 2011 Battle of the Paddle Hawaii Travis Grant. Watch Out! Leaving lighter both physically and mentally, revived, refreshed and renewed – you’ll be addicted to a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.


Upon waking your day starts with a rejuvenating yoga session or run with Charlotte. A delicious bountiful breakfast of fresh local produce follows before a morning of Stand-Up Paddleboarding with Travis Grant. After lunch the choice is yours…relax in your new luxe home away from home with a decadent massage, soak up the sun by the pool/lagoon or enjoy one of the many activities on offer. The day winds down with enjoying an exquisite dinner with great company as you toast to experiencing another day in paradise!


  • • 6 to 7 Days and 5 to 6 Nights staying at the luxurious 4 star Pacific Resort Rarotonga
  • • Retreat transfers to & from airport
  • • Fresh Flower Ei on arrival at airport
  • • 10 hours of fun Stand-Up Paddleboard lessons including individual coaching from Travis Grant
  • • Guided Runs and walks led by Charlotte Danziel Piho
  • • 5 Days of Transformative Yoga Lessons
  • • Hula dancing lesson
  • • Lesson on how to tie a Pareo/Sarong
  • • Up to 2hrs of decadent massages on the beach, or in the privacy of your own room plus mani/pedi
  • • Exquisite Healthy Cuisine, with an emphasis on locally sourced fresh fish, meats, fruit and vegetables
  • • Island Night: Cultural Show and Feast
  • • Daily Fresh Tropical Fruit Baskets
  • • CD Memoir of your vacation including Stand-Up Paddleboard shots
  • • Complimentary use of Kayaks and snorkeling equipment
  • • Beach sarong
  • • Cross-Island Mountain cultural tour through the Cook Island’s heartland leading you through lush tropical rainforests, streams and waterfalls